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Is Club Toddler appropriate for my baby or my toddler?

Yes. All of the activities in Club Toddler have been uniquely designed for little minds as young as 6 months of age, and up to 5 years old. It is the ideal "baby's first computer fun". The activities are taken from the award-winning and critically acclaimed software series Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby and Giggles Toddler. These activities were carefully crafted over many years of development and research and are both age and developmentally appropriate, and babies and toddlers just love them!

How simple is Club Toddler to use? How does it work?

It couldn't be simpler. Launch the player, select an activity in Toddler Valley and you're on your way. Our activities natural cause-and-effect format allows for babies and toddlers to explore and learn while having tons of fun. Babies and toddlers love to touch the keyboard and press the keys and in Club Toddler they are encouraged to do just that. Our proprietary Club Toddler Player locks out your system and files allowing littles ones to touch and press any key at all without leaving the player or hurting your computer. If your child can tap the keys, they can play in Club Toddler.

Does my child need to know how to use the keyboard or mouse?

No. Littles ones simply tap, tickle, and touch the keys for wonderful interactive learning and play. If they can tap and touch the keys, they're ready to go! And all activities have built-in mouse learning and exploration features. Your child is encouraged to move the mouse around and explore clicking the button. They are rewarded on-screen for doing this and they are learning valuable mouse skills. No experience required.

What computers and operating systems does Club Toddler work on?

Currently Club Toddler is in "beta" form, meaning that it is not officially released to the general public yet. We are letting a select few people participate in this beta period. During this beta period, Club Toddler is available for both the Windows/PC format and Mac OSX operating systems. It is compatible with just about all Windows versions, going all the way back to Windows 2000 up through Windows 8. Moving forward, we will be adding extended support for Mac OSX, as well as support for mobile systems including iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android (tablets, phones, etc.).

Is Club Toddler Mac compatible?

Yes! Club Toddler is currently compatible with Macs and works best when used with Mac OSX Lion or higher. We do not currently have a dedicated Club Toddler Player App for Mac, as we do with Windows, but there is a nice work-around for Mac users which utilizes some of the Mac's built-in functionality to get a system lock-out similar to what is achieved on a PC with our full Club Toddler Player App. Bottom line: Club Toddler works great on Mac. Click the Join or Play Now buttons and have fun!

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Humpty Dumpty
One of the activites in the
Nursery Rhymes Corner PlayTown
at Club Toddler.
Press the keys to make Humpty
rock back and forth until he finally
tumbles over! Hilarious!



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Club Toddler is available for

Windows & Mac

Club Toddler is an award winning online virtual world for babies and toddlers based on the award winning software computer game and series for babies called Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby. These online activities for babies and toddlers allow young children to tap on the keys for adorable on-screen feedback and fun. Babies and toddlers learn important early childhood concepts such as cause-and-effect, shapes, colors, animals, letters, numbers, music and musical concepts, nursery rhymes and more in a fun-filled uniquely baby friendly environment. Crafted for babies 6 to 24 months old, and toddlers 2 years old to 5 years old, Club Toddler includes 6 unique PlayTowns with over 70 activities. There are also more than 275 songs in many different music styles as well as engaging interactive videos for young children.